Monitoring and checking your car’s battery is of great importance when it doesn’t move for a long period of time

The cars who spend a long period of time parked and unlit could present battery failure and cause that they cannot be used at the desired time, that’s why you should pay special attention to your car, especially in this confinement season for COVID-19 in which most of the cars are out of circulation.

What does a battery discharge depend on?

For a drums Discharging depends on various factors such as the health of that battery, the electric consumption of the vehicle being in “standby” or the temperature where the vehicle is parked. However, a vehicle that has not been started for more than a week may already have starting problems.

Replacing a battery will depend on the level of damage it has, so you should take it to an evaluation.

How to maintain the good condition of a battery?

According to the DiarioMotor portal, these are some tips you can follow to keep your car’s battery in good condition.

. Make sure it’s always to the maximum of its load supported by an expert mechanic who can check it.

. If you are going to leave your car parked for a long period of time, you must eliminate any parasitic consumption, since a car still turned off, consumes a minimum of battery power, and over the days it could be a problem. The best will be disconnect the battery of the car.

. Using a maintainer /Battery charger, a system that can work with both the battery connected and disconnected from the vehicle. In addition this system seems like the most recommended, since we must also take into account that the cold also affects the performance and the battery charge.

. Start your car to ensure a battery charge with the engine running for several minutes. It is important to start the engine in well-ventilated places and for a period in which the engine reaches its operating temperature.

If your car is plug-in electric or hybrid you must leave the car connected to a socket or wallbox. Both plug-in and electric hybrids have programs to manage the battery charge based on the residual consumption, the time parked and the outside temperature, so they self-manage the battery charge to maintain the health of the accumulator and at the same time time to store as much energy as possible.


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