How to Keep Your Canvas Pool Clean and Sanitized

Happy Summer: How to Keep Your Canvas Pool Clean and Sanitized
January 17, 2021 · 21:18 hs

The canvas pools They are great allies in the summer season. They not only allow you to relax and cool off during high temperatures, but are also easy to clean and maintain.

How to properly clean a canvas sink.

How to clean an empty canvas pool: To ensure water hygiene and safety, it is recommended to empty, clean and refill the canvas pool every three to four weeks. You will need to: Detergent; bucket; bleach; brush; broom with medium-hard bristles; and chlorine for pools.

How to clean a canvas pool step by step:

Empty it: the first step is to remove all the water from the container. If it takes a few hours, plan to do it the day before. preparation: Mix enough detergent water in a bucket to make the surface flawless. Spread it all over the place and brush the spots where there is dirt or mold. Brushed: With a medium-hard bristle broom, brush the entire interior with soapy water. Clean both the inside and outside of the canvas. Rinse: rinse off any soap or detergent residue with plenty of water. Lavandin: put a splash of bleach inside and brush with the broom again. We rinse again and then let the canvas dry in the sun. Disarmed: If you want to keep it, you must take it apart and put some talc in it to prevent mold from forming while it is in storage. Fold it and store it in a dry place. Fill: If it’s just a summer cleaning, replace the water and chemicals that are needed to better maintain the water.

Tips for maintaining the canvas pool:

Base: The floor where you will assemble it must be free of sharp or sharp objects that can damage the material. To be more secure, you can prepare a base made of canvas, styrofoam, or waterproof material. Special products: To maintain both the water and the canvas, it is essential to use products designed for this type of pool. Using too much bleach can damage the fabric. Sink cover: It is recommended to cover it every time you do not use it with a sink cover so that airborne particles do not settle in the water and make it dirty or cloudy. Personal hygiene: Before entering the pool, you should try to maintain the hygiene necessary to maintain the water and the health of the whole family. Pets: the pool is not a place for them. You should not let your pets enter the pool because they dirty the water and can transmit diseases. Chemical products: If you are going to use chemical products in your pool, you have to be attentive to the manufacturer’s instructions so as not to overdo it and damage it or ruin the water. Pressure washer: A pressure washer is not recommended because the water pressure can damage the canvas. Tips to clean your canvas pool perfectly.

How to keep the water in the canvas pool:

Remove the leaves: It is important to remove the leaves that fall into the water daily with a leaf remover. Barrefondo: there are some specific for this type of pools. The ideal is to put a decanter the night before, a product that enlarges the garbage and precipitates it to the bottom. In the morning, you will pass the sweeper over the entire surface. If you want to be sure that the water is in good condition, you must maintain the correct chlorine level. You can use instant chlorine daily or use a float with 50 g chlorine tablets.