How to install an iPhone or iPad app on a Mac with Apple Silicon

Apple has decided swap out the Intel processors your Macs use for processors created by them. It is a courageous decision that can bring many advantages, and among them is the power use iPad and iPhone applications on our Mac.

The Apple M1 processorThe Apple M1 processor

For generations, Apple has opted for “universal apps” and developers can easily run their iOS apps on macOS thanks to Catalyst. But nevertheless many developers have not wanted to adapt their apps, such as Netflix or Instagram.

However, since M1 processors have the same architecture as iPhone and iPad processors, their apps can be installed directly No problem.

That’s how easy it is to install Netflix, Instagram and iOS apps on Macs with M1

When we download an application on our iPhone or iPad, you don’t know them, but it gets downloaded a file with the extension .IPA. That is the extension of the files that can be installed on the iPhone, and now on Macs with Apple Silicon.

MacBook Air running iPad and iPhone appsThe use of apps for mobile devices on laptops is a revolution for users.

A Reddit user realized that you can extract these .IPA files from your iPhone or iPad and install them on Macs with Apple Silicon quite easily. These are the steps you must follow:

First of all, download the iMazing app on our Mac. Now connect your iPhone or iPad to Mac and start iMazing, you can start a free trial. When you see your iPhone, in the left area click on Applications.

install iPhone apps on mac 1Applications appears on the left All apps apps that you have installed on your iPhone or iPad will appear. At the bottom click on Manage applications.

install iPhone apps on mac 1Manage applications, just below Now above click on library. Find the app you want and click on the cloud to download it. Enter your password Apple ID to download the app.

install iPhone apps on mac 1You can use the search engine to find the app.When you have the app downloaded, press with right click on it and Export .IPA. The .IPA file will be downloaded to your Mac and to install it you just have to do Double click at.

install iPhone apps on mac 1Right button once the app is downloaded

Once installed we will have a normal app installed on our Mac, it will be identical to the version installed on the iPhone or iPad. It is certainly a great way to have apps like Netflix, Instagram or TikTok on your Mac.

Of course, remember that can only be installed on Macs with an Apple Silicon processor, if not you will see an error like this.

error installing iPhone apps on macThis error will appear on Mac with Intel processors

You must bear in mind that there are some apps that will not work properlyAll those that require sensors exclusive to the iPhone or iPad or certain functions may not work correctly.

For example WhatsApp cannot be installed and Netflix does not offer a full screen mode. Too bad the developers don’t make it easier.