How to identify if your air conditioning system needs maintenance

Is it possible to regulate the quality of the air inside your car?

According to Qualitas, comfort is an important element of road safety, since it facilitates and promotes a driver’s concentration and physical and mental resistance during long hours of driving. In this sense, the air conditioning system in your car contributes to passive driving safety, greatly reducing distractions at the wheel.

The air conditioning (A / C) system causes a series of variations in pressure and humidity whereby the wind chill in the car interior adjusts to provide a feeling of comfort regardless of the actual temperature outside.

To fulfill its function, this system uses a compressor, evaporator, condenser, temperature sensor, fan and refrigerant gas. In the circuit formed by the pieces, a constant process of compression and decompression of the refrigerant gas is carried out, which cools or heats it, so that it changes from liquid to gaseous aggregation and vice versa.

How to identify if your A / C system needs maintenance

Air conditioning systems do not require many adjustments to function properly. The following are the most obvious signs of malfunction:

There is a bad odor emanating from the clothing or the grates. The air it emits causes itching and discomfort in the throat. The ventilation system constantly expels dust. There is a feeling of excessive humidity in the car. Despite setting a low temperature, the air is not cold.

If you detect any of these faults, it is advisable to stop using the air conditioning and take your car to your trusted mechanic for maintenance.

There are some basic measures you can take to take care of the quality of the air in the interior of your car:

Do not smoke. Cigar smoke creates a bad smell in clothing. But the worst thing is not that: smoking produces numerous health problems, both for the smoker himself and for his companions. Keep the interior clean. To ensure good air quality, it is necessary to regularly vacuum the upholstery. This avoids the presence of mites, pollen, bacteria and other agents capable of damaging your health and that accumulate due to residual moisture from condensation in the air conditioning circuit. Turn on the A / C from time to time. So that the components do not dry out, leak and that the residual liquid lodged in the ducts becomes an environment conducive to the development of harmful parasites, it is recommended that you start your car and cool it with the A / C during 10 minutes from time to time, so that the gas circulates through the installation. Use your A / C in moderation. In general, it is recommended that you use the air conditioning all the time on the road, since the air that enters through the windows at high speeds, in addition to being annoying, tends to slow down the car.

Checking your air conditioning

You should ask your mechanic to check your air conditioning system at least once a year. We recommend that you carry out this maintenance when spring begins, to prevent pollen and heat from affecting you.