After several weeks of waiting, you can finally get Deadpool in Fortnite. The character arrives as Battle Pass exclusive of season 2 of Chapter 2, and to get it you will only have to complete the seventh and last challenge which is to find the two Akimbo pistols that have been activated as of today.

While the Deadpool challenges started from February 20 for those who bought the Battle Pass, the truth is that Epic Games has decided that everyone will be able to unlock the peculiar superhero without having completed the six previous challenges.

With the exclusive outfit other characteristic objects of the character arrive, such as the Chimichanga and Motillo gestures, the Machacamazas collection tool and the Dragonicorn hang glider, also known as “Sparkling Thunder”. All these will be available to buy individually or in a bungle that costs 2000 bucks (about 20 euros) in the game store, a place that has a curious animation.

How to unlock Deadpool in ‘Fortnite’

For access the challenges we will have to interact with a ventilation slit found in Fortnite’s “Battle Pass” section. There we will arrive at Deadpool’s den where we will access the complete list. One of the pistols is located under the table in the “Battle Pass” room, while the other can be found in Agent Miausculos’s room.

Once both pistols were obtained we only have to enter a phone booth or a portable toilet within the map to become Deadpool and secure the skin as a reward. Deadpool’s arrival coincides with the Choppa, a helicopter to fly over the map with a group of friends while shooting at enemies on the ground.

Others obvious changes They are seen on the Battle Bus, which is now red and powered by a balloon with the Deadpool mask, as well as themed supply deliveries and other subtle tweaks. inspired by the Marvel character.

He Chapter 2 Battle Pass is available by 950 bucks, also known as V coins that can be purchased for 9-10 euros or 192 pesos inside the game store or on the platform of your choice.

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