The Angels. AC. USA – The California government to give money to undocumented immigrants residing in that state, as an aid to face unemployment due to the impact of the paralysis of the economy in that country.

It will be starting this Monday, May 18, according to the Los Angeles Times, that the undocumented community can request this help through 12 non-profit organizations, which have been authorized to deliver this money by the California Department of Social Services (DSS).

How to get help for undocumented immigrants in California. |

It will be a total of 75 million dollars, to be distributed among 150 thousand immigrants. For a single person the support will be $ 500 dollars, for $ 1000 dollars in the case of a family.

People should request the appeal by phone, in an intention of the government to put on equal terms people who do not use computers or do not have access to them.

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How to Get California Help to Undocumented:

The first thing is to contact any of the non-governmental organizations authorized by the California government to distribute these grants. Some of them are:

Los Angeles Immigrant Human Rights Coalition (Chirla) / Phone: (213) 201-8700 /
 Central American Resource Center (Lacks) / Telephone: (213) 315-2659 /
 Asian American Advancing Justice / Telephone: (213) 241-8880 /
 San Bernardino Community Service Center / Phone: (888) 444-0170 /
 TODEC Legal Center Perris / Telephone: (888) 863-3291 /
 Jewish Family Service of San Diego / Phones: Imperial: (760) 206-3242 – San Diego: (858) 206-8281 /
 California Human Development Corporation / Phone: (707) 228-1338 /
 Catholic Charities of California /
 Mixteco / Indigena Community Organizing Project (MICOP) / Telephones: Ventura County: (805) 519-7774 – Santa Barbara County: (805) 519-7776 /
 Community Action Board Santa Cruz / Telephone: (800) 228-6820 /
 United Farm Workers Foundation (UFWF) / Telephone: (877) 527-6660 /
 California Rural Legal Assistance Foundation (CRLAF) / Phone: (877) 557-0521 /

It is important that you know that calls will begin to be received this Monday, May 18 from 9:00 am and will end until the 30th of June.

California Aid Requirements for Undocumented:

Demonstrate that you are an undocumented immigrant.
 Show that you do not qualify for other help.
 Show that you have been affected by the coronavirus.
 Deliver tests by email, WhatsApp or call.

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People who qualify for aid are expected to receive it in a few days. It is estimated that in Los Angeles County alone there are 40,000 people who qualify for these benefits.