How to get and use Fleets, the new Twitter “stories” feature

Undoubtedly, using temporary stories has become one of the daily activities of Internet users on social networks such as Instagram or Facebook. This trend continues to expand in other digital spaces and is now Twitter that already allows us to share text, photo or video publications that disappear after 24 hours with a new function called Fleets.

From the official Twitter blog, the company highlights that the main objective of the Fleets is to make users feel much more comfortable on that social network. Why? Well, because generally it is a space that feels truly public where sometimes tweeting can be an uncomfortable activity for those who want to express everything that is happening to them, but at the last minute they regret doing it and everything they wanted to express is relegated in the drawer drawer. Therefore, Fleets comes as a new opportunity to share our daily lives in a fleeting way.

“Those new to Twitter found that Fleets is an easier way to share what they think. Because they disappear from view after a day, Fleets helped people feel more comfortable by sharing personal and casual thoughts, opinions and feelings.

«That thing you didn’t want to tweet, but you wanted to, but you didn’t, but you got very close, but then you said no. We have a place for that now – Fleets! Global launch starting today! ”

«We start today! Fleets will be released worldwide for everyone on Twitter! ”

“While the product experience has evolved since our first test in March, the fundamentals remain the same: Fleets are for sharing fleeting thoughts. They disappear after 24 hours, they do not receive retweets, “likes”, or public replies, and people can only reply to Fleets through DM.

“Fleets facilitate quick expression through text or digital camera / library media along with subtitles and custom formatting. You can also upload a tweet, which allows you to share a perspective on someone else’s tuti (along with your own creative style)«.

How to Get and Use Fleets

Accessing them is very easy, as the Fleets option will appear at the top of the application along with the avatars of the users we follow, emulating the design we all know from Instagram. You can send text messages, reactions to tweets, photos or videos and personalize your fleets with various background and text options. For share a tweet (own or others) in a Fleet, tap the “Share” icon at the bottom of the tweet and then tap “Share on the Fleet”. Then add what you think about it with some text or emoji. Fleets are only visible to our fans. That is, the accounts that do not follow us will not be able to see what we publish in this new space of fleeting stories. If the Direct Messages option is enabled for all audiences, any user can reply to our Fleets. If we want to reply to a Fleet, we must touch it to send a direct message or an emoji to the author and even continue the conversation in the direct message tray. The Fleets they do not receive retweets, ‘likes’, no public replies, and people can only reply to fleets via DMIt will be possible to publish several Fleets in a single day and our followers will be able to enjoy them by sliding the publications horizontally.

Twitter stories FleetsSource: Twitter

It should be added that Twitter will soon make a variety of stickers available and the possibility of broadcasting live / direct.

Twitter Stories

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