Learn about the options to continue or conclude your higher education studies abroad (Photo: . / Gonzalo Fuentes) (Gonzalo Fuentes /)

Despite the restrictions established by the COVID-19 pandemic, some institutions such as the National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM), the National Council of Science and Technology (Conacyt), the Ibero-American University Foundation and the Ford Foundation, have issued calls for higher education students to carry out exchanges abroad to continue or conclude their studies.

Here you can consult some of the options available and where to find more information about the calls and application requirements.

This is the case of the 2021 call for the degree program for graduates of the National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM) through professional internships at university headquarters abroad.

Despite the pandemic, efforts continue to continue remote or face-to-face education depending on the region (Photo: . / José Méndez)
(José Méndez /)

The options to which it can be applied are located on all continents, in countries such as Germany, Slovenia, Ghana, Hungary, India, Norway, Argentina, Panama, South Africa, Thailand and Japan, among many others, with tabulators for air transport, lodging and food from $ 9,904 pesos to $ 33,014 pesos depending on the destination.

On its own, the UNAM published the call together with the form, which It will be valid as of September 28 of this year. The registration can be consulted at this electronic address https://www.unaminternacional.unam.mx/es/convocatorias/egresados/tpp and the personal registration must be sent to the email egresados@global.unam.mx.

Said application may be made to the UNAM headquarters abroad that have a project presented to the University Network of Internationalization Responsibles.

The National Autonomous University of Mexico offers study abroad opportunities at its educational venues on all continents (Photo: Luca Ponti / Zuma Press / Contactphoto) (Luca Ponti /)

The Ibero-American University Foundation (Funiber) offers an international scholarship program to study distance and face-to-face degrees, masters, specializations and doctorates with a university degree.

You can check its call at the electronic address https://www.funiber.org/becas-maestria. The program offers financial assistance for cooperation between government and private organizations for the best professional profiles in each country, This support makes it possible to allocate partial financial aid according to the particular case of each student.

To apply for the scholarship, the applicant must contact the Funiber headquarters in your region and fill out the information request form.

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, education has had to adapt to new technologies (Photo: . / Humberto Espinoza)

The Ford Foundation also offers scholarships for Mexican students in order to contribute to the pursuit of professional-level training that does not violate student rights who can actively participate in solving the problems facing the country.

For more details, the official website can be consulted at https://www.fordfoundation.org/.

For its part, the National Council for Science and Technology (Conacyt) announced in April of this year that due to the contingency derived from COVID-19 the closing dates for receiving some of their calls were transformed for study abroad 2020.

However, the calls concluded between July and August of this year, and the results will be published until September 25 of this year. Some of these calls with the Conacyt Regional Northeast, West, South East and Southeast Scholarships.

Mexican students have various exchange options abroad (Photo: File)

To find out more alternatives available for different regions you can also consult the database Free Universities at https://www.universidadesgratuitas.com/becas-y-creditos/becas-mexico-subvencion-estudiantes-mexicanos-becas-estado-mexico/#Fundacion_Ford_BECAS_EN_MEXICO, where some of the grant options for Mexican students and scholarships from the Mexican State.

Some of the options are issued by the Government of Chiles, the embassies of Japan and Spain in Mexico, the British Council in Mexico, the Italian Institute of Culture in Mexico, the International Council for Canadian Studies, the US Institute of International Education, the Alexander Von Humboldt Foundation, and the British Chevering Scholarship Program.

Please note that due to the international situation, the times in the calls and programs may undergo changes and modifications.


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