how to get 6 months free or 40% discount

The wait is about to come to an end. The next June 29, Mexico and the rest of Latin America will be able to access HBO Max, WarnerMedia’s new streaming video service – Warner Dicovery coming soon. Although we have previously told you about the costs for each country, in the specific case of Mexico there are options to lower the subscription price and even to have half a year free. We explain how.

Free HBO Max with Telmex Infinitum

Telmex is one of the telecommunications companies that has made alliances with the most popular streaming services. They currently offer packages with Netflix or Disney Plus included, and as of June 29 they will also do so with HBO Max. The interesting thing, however, is that Infinitum clients, Telmex’s internet service, They will be able to request free access to the standard plan (3 devices at the same time in 4K) of HBO Max for up to 6 months.

Now, in the terms and conditions (the famous small letters) it is specified that, to access the promotion, the client requires to contract HBO Max in their current internet package. That is, it will not be activated automatically. Once contracted, you will have the video service active until December 31 (6 months if you contract it on June 29). When the free period ends on January 1, 2022, there will be an additional charge of $ 127 to your monthly Telmex bill:

“Promotion valid for customers who subscribe HBO Max in addition to their Infinitum service; included until December 31, 2021. As of January 1, 2022, the cost of the additional service will be $ 127 per month.”

Be careful, hire HBO Max through Infinitum it will be cheaper than doing it directly on the video platform. In Infinitum you would pay $ 127 per month, while in HBO Max it is necessary to pay $ 149. Therefore, receiving 6 months free and then paying for it at a lower price is quite an attractive offer.

There are still some questions that Telmex should answer on June 29. For example: Will it be possible to cancel HBO Max after the free period ends? Another question is whether the recruitment is done online or through the telephone support service – or both. In our personal experience with Netflix and Disney Plus, the process is faster doing it over the phone.

Discount with Mercado Libre

Free market it also usually offers discounts for subscriptions to multiple streaming services in Mexico. With HBO Max you can get up to 40% on your subscription depending on your level in Market Points. However, at the moment they have not specified the discount per level – except for 40% for level 6. Despite the above, we can take as a reference the discounts currently offered on HBO Go:

10% for Level 1.fifteen% for Level 2.twenty% for Level 3.25% for Level 4.35% for Level 5.Four. Five% for Level 6.

Would you rather do it directly with HBO Max?

If you are not a Telmex Infinitum customer and you are not interested in the Mercado Libre discount, remember that HBO Max will have a start promotion when hiring a full year:

Mobile Plan (one mobile device at a time): $ 99 per month ($ 69 when paying for the full year).Standard Plan (3 devices at a time in 4K): $ 149 per month ($ 104 paying full year).
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