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Manicure is essential to make a good impression when we are in a meeting or in a meeting with other people. Despite the fact that some women consider it as a luxury, hand care is important as part of personal care and we can also express a bit of our personality and trends on our nails.

According to experts, our hands have a defined shape and from that we can stylize the shape of our hands, making them look thinner and more aesthetically attractive just by giving the correct shape to our nails.

At first glance we might think that our hands have the same shape as that of others, but we can actually take advantage of some of our features in our hands. Despite the fact that style and color are important in our nails. It is the importance of a good nail file and the shape that makes the difference.

How to fix your nails according to the shape of your hands

Long hands and slim fingers

If your hands are big and with long thin fingers, the best way to define your nails is with a semi-square or coffin shape. This means that your nails should be wide at the bottom and narrow at the top. If your nails are long and thin, you can opt for the square shape, taking care that the length does not exceed the fingertips.

For small hands, almond-shaped nails are ideal to stylize and lengthen your hands, take care that the tip of your nails is oval or rounded, being slightly long, slightly exceeding the fingertips. Experts also recommend applying an enamel that is your same skin tone.

If your hands are chubby totally avoid French manicure or square shaped nails, as it will only make your hands look wider. Opt for the tip of your nails to be more oval or round and in this case, to give the illusion of long fingers, it is necessary to leave the nails long but it should not be exaggerated, otherwise your hands will be disproportionate.

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