Occasionally, if we try to download an application from the Microsoft Store, we may encounter a failure of the Windows operating system. Just a few days ago we were talking about the 0x87AF0001 code and how to remove it. Well, this time we want to stop at the error 0x80246013, and some of the possible solutions at hand. This way, it won’t bother you for more than a moment.

The first thing you have to take into account, then, is that this error 0x80246013 is usually associated with the Windows application store. However, this does not mean that this is the only possible cause. In the same way, we may end up suffering it as a consequence of a problem with Windows Update.

But beyond that, the important thing is to learn to fix it as soon as possible. As by definition this message means that Windows 10 system has problems connecting to Windows Update or Microsoft Store, the main thing is to know what tricks allow us to forget this problem.

Fix error 0x80246013 2

Use Windows Application Troubleshooter

Fortunately, more than once we will find that Microsoft’s own people provide us with solutions. This time, we can take advantage of the Windows Application Troubleshooter. This will be responsible for analyzing our operating system, looking for possible errors to eliminate. This is how it is launched:

Right-click StartPress SettingsGo to Update & SecurityThen Troubleshoot in the left paneGo to Windows Store AppsThen run the troubleshooter

Here you have to give it a few minutes to act. Once completed, the system will show the result and you will know more for sure what is the origin of the error 0x80246013 on your computer.

Run the Windows Update Troubleshooter

Following the above procedure, there is a second proprietary Microsoft mechanism that can resolve the bug for us. We’re talking, of course, about the Windows Update Troubleshooter. Use it like this:

Go HomeThere to SettingsThen Updates and SecurityFinally to TroubleshootNow you have to choose the Windows Update Troubleshooter and launch it

When it’s done, restart your computer to see if the problem is over.

Fix error 0x80246013 3Fix error 0x80246013 3

Delete data files

Occasionally, certain data files can cause problems on your PC. To make sure they have nothing to do, you should look for the following path on your computer:

C: Windows System32 config systemprofile AppData Local Microsoft InstallAgent Checkpoints

Once there you will find the files “9ND94HKF4S0Z.dat” and “9NCGJX5QLP9M.dat”. You have to move them to your Desktop and try to see if the problem disappears. If so, delete them entirely. If not, please return them to the same folder as they are not causing any inconvenience.

Disable firewall or antivirus software

Finally, you may have to bypass your antivirus or firewall to end this problem. Temporarily disabling settings in this security tool can correct this error:

Open the Run dialog box by pressing Windows + REscribe Control Panel and hit Enter, choose to view the content in Small Icons, look for Windows Defender Firewall, click on it, and turn it to Disabled, confirming

You should do the same with your antivirus, if you have one.

After that, test to see if error 0x80246013 has disappeared.

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