How to fix the error “The requested resource is in use”?

If you are trying to correct the error “The requested resource is in use”, you have to know that you have reached the right place. This annoying message, which is appearing more and more frequently on Windows computers, has a solution. Of course, before telling you what are the steps you have to follow to get rid of this problem, we are going to review the possible causes behind its appearance.

The first thing you have to bear in mind in this regard is that the error message “The requested resource is in use” is usually closely related to a serious issue: the presence of a Trojan, SmartService.

For this reason, although the message seems harmless the first time it appears on the computer screen, little by little you will notice that it is a rather annoying failure, which constantly pops up as a notification every time you try to open a new program. Therefore, you have to take action on the matter as soon as possible.

Requested resource in use 2Requested resource in use 2

SmartService, an unexpected danger

Of course, something that you will immediately notice is that this malware works that we could describe as “intelligent”. It is able to get into different parts of the PC and suggest threats even around those apps that seem minor. And, like other destructive malware, it can do the following:

Install programs that steal users’ personal information Track online activities and forward data to hackers Install destructive apps and files, or make unauthorized changes to the Registry

This all sounds scary. However, the most important risks of this failure are others. The most lethal destructive capacity of SmartService is to block the installation of any antivirus software that we want to download on our computer. In this way, it prevents us from eliminating it, detecting other viruses, and opens the door to different malware that can cause problems in our computer.

This kind of Trojan horse is designed, as you can see, to be as destructive as possible. In addition to stealing information, damaging files and breaching security, it also interferes with our browsing experience. It constantly launches pop-up windows, produces unsolicited redirects, and even incorporates suspicious extensions for the browser that do not interest us.

To add insult to injury, there is hardly any way to tell if your computer is infected or not, because it manages to hide itself perfectly. In fact, since it enters the PC, it may take a long time until we perceive the damage it is causing. In the meantime, you will have collected enough personal information to punish us.

Requested resource in use 3Requested resource in use 3

How to detect it in time?

As we explained, this Trojan is really difficult to detect and its destructive levels are devastating. Only if you have one of the best antivirus will you be able to detect it in time. And sometimes even that is not enough. For this reason, we could say that prevention is even more important.

Normally, SmartService enters computers through one of the following methods:

Through malicious attachments in emails that are sent to your Inbox Advertisements on the sites you visit that you click on Infected files that are downloaded as part of other software that we download from the Internet Contents that we download, and share on social networks Cookies in torrent platforms and other free software

Requested resource in use 4Requested resource in use 4

Solve the error “The requested resource is in use” step by step

If, unfortunately, you have already been affected by the SmartService Trojan without defending yourself first, you have to act as soon as you verify its presence on your PC. It must be removed immediately before it causes further damage. But, as we already noted, it’s easier said than actually being able to do it.

Since this malware will block the installation of some antivirus software, cleaning your computer will be difficult. In fact, it is better that you give yourself some time before starting to work on the computer, since some of the necessary corrections can take at least a couple of hours.

Restart the computer in Safe Mode, the main trick

In order to get rid of this message and the Trojan in question, it is important to periodically scan your computer for malware and viruses. When you see the error “The requested resource is in use”, the solution you should start with is to restart your PC in Safe Mode, as this will prevent part of its actions.

Particularly in the case of SmartService, the error message itself is evidence of an infection on the system. For this reason, restarting in Safe Mode is a good way to run different processes in the antivirus without being stopped by this Trojan horse. And so it will be easier to detect and eliminate it.

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