How to find old photos quickly in Google Photos

Learn how to get more out of the search engine built into Google Photos: so you can search by date to find images and videos.

The app of Google Photos hides a host of tricks that allow you to get much more out of the platform for storing images and videos in the cloud. Many of them are related to the powerful search system integrated into the app, which allows you to find practically any photo if the proper search is done.

One of the most useful and unknown features of Google Photos is the ability to search photos by date, in order to find any image or video, no matter how long it has been since it got on.

Google Photos, the most popular cloud image storage app.

So you can search for images and videos by date in Google Photos

The Google Photos search engine allows you to find images and videos based on what appears in them. Thus, if for example we search for “Dog”, all the images and videos where this type of animals appear will appear. You can also do the same with concepts such as “Beach”, “City”, “Field” or “Snow”, among many others.

What not everyone knows is that photos can also be searched by date. To do this, you just have to go to Google Photos search engine in the “Search” tab, and enter a date.

As we have been able to verify, searches with the formats “12/31/2021”, “12/31/2021” and “December 31, 2021” are valid in Spanish. In other languages, the results may be slightly different.

It is worth mentioning that this feature is available in all versions of Google Photos, both the app for Android and iOS, as well as the web version of the platform.

How to change the date and time of photos in Google Photos

It is possible that, on some occasion, you have come across images or videos uploaded to Google Photos whose date does not coincide with the real one. It can be due to a multitude of factors, the most common being the camera or mobile that was used to take the photo, it did not have the date correctly set.

This problem can make it somewhat difficult to image search by date in Google Photos. Luckily, the application itself gives the possibility of change the date and time of photos and videos.

For the moment, yes, this function is only available in the web version of Google Photos, and in its version for iPhone and iPad. To change a date, just follow these steps:

Open the Google Photos web page or the app on your iPhone or iPad. Go to the photo or video where you want to modify the date. Tap on the photo information icon, and then tap on the date. You will see the option to change the date or time of the photo. Finally you just have to save the changes.Change the date and time of a photo in Google Photos for iOS

Change the date and time of a photo in Google Photos for iOS.

In this way, you will have fixed date and time, and now you can take advantage of the search function by date of Google Photos to find it faster next time.

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