Who would have told us that a format like GIF It was going to be so successful at a time when HD videos abound on sites like YouTube, Vimeo or on paid audiovisual content platforms.

GIF was born in 1987 at a time when internet connections were rather slow and computer screens and graphics cards were not as good as they are today. Hence GIF supported at its birth 8 bits per pixel in each image.

But due to its simplicity, success came, especially when memes became popular. Videos already existed in different formats, but GIF emerged as the most practical for broadcast moving images on any device, social network or online service.

And in case you want get loose pictures of a GIF, or frames, you can do it comfortably with the following options.

Ezgif – GIF frame extractor

First, Ezgif, a page full of small utilities related to GIF animations but also to static images. Among other things, you can create your own GIF, convert a video to GIF, resize an image, add text …

But for what interests us we must go to the GIF frame extractor section, where you can upload a GIF animation or indicate the link of a GIF from which you want to obtain individual images. Then you click Upload! and you will get the desired result.

In addition to the GIF format, it also supports WebP, APNG, FLIF and MNG. Regarding the size of the animation, it must be one maximum 35 MB.

VideoUtils – Split Animated GIF

In VideoUtils You will also find several tools, one of them designed to split GIF animations into single images. It’s called Split Animated GIF and it supports GIF images from up to 5 MB.

After pressing the corresponding button, you will get a ZIP archive It contains all the frames or images of the original GIF. You will only have to download this file and choose the image you want in PNG format.

GIFGIFS – Split Animated GIF into frames

GIFGIFS is a specialized portal in search of animations GIF. But it also offers online tools to deal with a GIF in good condition and from the browser.

One of them is called Split Animated GIF into frames and it does just that. You upload a GIF animation or its corresponding link and you will get images or frames of that animation.

The process is fast and you can use it in practically any web browser or platform. The only downside is that the connection is not HTTPS.