How to efficiently get Reinier, Cucurella and Fofana from Future Stars

The Future Stars Academy goals have left us three good players that can have a fit in many templates due to their good links —in some cases better than others— and, in general, due to their great statistics: Reinier Jesus, Marc Cucurella and Wesley Fofana.

There are still, at least, three weeks to do them, but the truth is that they are quite long objectives. Going all out, you would need 26 games for Reinier, 22 for Cucurella —And he has to play 25 as a starter— and 27 for Fofana. There are many games, but the good news is that you can group them.

To start with the objectives you will need to score 4 goals with French, 4 with Spanish and 4 with forwards. If you score them with any striker of one of these nationalities you will only need 8 goals in total and how you can do it in any game mode is not a big problem.

The second stage of goals shouldn’t give you too much trouble either.. Those of Fofana and Reinier you can do it in any mode, while one of those of Cucurella asks you to play in Squad Battles. Our advice is that goals to all three in the same template —We give you an example below, it has to have four French— and do the following: with Reinier, he assists two goals and scores in all four games; with Cucurella, he assists in all four; and with Fofana, he assists in two goals. Don’t let them score more than one goal in any of them.

From now on You will already have the second version of each one and that is when things get complicated. But Reinier and Fofana can do them at the same time, because they only require playing in Directive Masterpiece and you can fit them in the same template. One tip: if you can fit it, get any version of Cucurella on all targets from here, you will appreciate it in the future.

Just keep doing them, those of Reinier require you to attend and, above all, mark, needing 16 games scoring on one of the goals. With Fofana in the first phase it will be more complicated because you will need to attend and score, somewhat complex being a defender in an online mode, but then it becomes easier by asking you for goals with any player in the Premier, for one, and french, for others.

These two you should get sooner or later, Cucurella is another story because you have to do them in Rivals or Squad Battles. But hopefully swaps are coming soon, they always have several Squad Battles matches and that’s when you can take advantage of: put him as a substitute and put him in at minute 1. Go meeting the objectives and you will be very close to doing it. There is only one problem: it asks you to have 25 starters. So if you can make it the headline by doing Reinier and Fofana’s, all the better, because it will tell you.