How to download this version and what are the new features?

If you do not know what WhatsApp Plus V9.00 is, then we will tell you below, as it is something that you should try thanks to its functions.

WhatsApp is perhaps the most popular messaging app of all, and that is why we like to be able to personalize it to make it more enjoyable to be there, to feel it more.

That is why WhatsApp Plus was created, which is an unofficial extension that helps us personalize our app in ways we normally couldn’t. This is honestly something many must try.

What does the V9.00 mean?

WhatsApp Plus, like any other extension or application, is constantly updated and free of charge, so V9.00 is the most recent version you can find of WhatsApp Plus.

So if you want to know what are the new things you can find with this update, we leave them below. If it sounds weird, this is how changes come, so I tried to find some sense.

Added « Enable chats » and « separate groups » without IG stories
Fixed oscillation of the “unread” counter in the Group tab
Fixed broadcast icon not appearing in broadcast messages
Steady blue hidden microphone not working
The status “fixed seen” / “color not seen” does not work on the status page
Fixed « hide display state » in custom privacy
Fixed bug when setting wallpaper in chat / group
The title of a fixed UI tab is displayed when switching pages
A fixed UI title showing twice at times
Row swipe disabled by default
(Miscellaneous) Many other fixes and improvements
(Various) Enjoy and find out for yourself!

Well overall, a lot of issues were fixed within the extension and some new things were added that can help you have a much more interesting experience that is also fun and customizable.

This new version is now available and you can find it on the official website right now.