how to download movies from the app and how much they weigh

We show you how to download movies and series from the Disney Plus app (Disney +) and calculate how much they weigh on average with a practical example.

Two days after the launch of Disney Plus (Disney +) In Latin America we are living this stage of gradually getting to know the platform in each of its versions.

As we review it, there is a brutal number of devices that support this streaming service. But perhaps the most striking of all is the app for smartphones.

This is due to a peculiar and very practical functionality that it has: it allows you to download all the contents of the catalog to view them later offline.

How to download movies from Disney Plus

The first and most obvious thing is to download the Disney Plus app, register, activate and configure our account.

Once this is done, all we have to do is look for the title of our preference and tap on its poster.

The interface will then load with the description of the title, and right next to the button to add to our watchlist we will see one with an arrow pointing down.

That is the button to download the movie. We tap on it and it will automatically begin to download the chosen title.

In the settings section it is possible to determine if it is done only through the Wi-Fi network and with what quality or image definition.

Since it is content that will be viewed from a tiny screen the default setting is fine.

How much does a downloaded Disney Plus movie weigh?

For the practical example that we show you in the images we have Avengers: Endgame. The tape lasts three hours and three minutes and in standard automatic resolution the weight of the tape is 1.3 GB.

This means that each hour, almost the duration of an episode of The Mandalorian, for example, would have an approximate weight of 433 MB in the most extreme of cases.

While the chapters of animated series that last 20 minutes on average would not exceed 150 MB for each.

It will be necessary to wisely manage our space on the smartphone.