how to download it and what updates does it have?

Among the many alternatives that there are in messaging applications, is WhatsApp Plus. If you don’t know her, this is one APK which emulates the original functions of WhatsApp and also adds new ones. It is not official and is not available in the Play Store, so we warn you that you could be exposed to sanctions. However, every day it adds more followers and it is thanks to options like the ones that have just been added.

They identify this new version as WhatsApp Plus V10. And among its new functions there are notifications for when you are mentioned in a WhatsApp group. Review the Depor portal that an at sign appears on your home screen that serves as an alert.

Another of the new modifications leaves behind entering a chat to find out if a contact is online. On the other hand, in your list of contacts those that are connected will be identified, with a green dot next to them.

To download WhatsApp Plus V10

To download it, you just have to click on this exclusive link in the APK. Remember that this is not an official app and you could be subject to penalties from the original program. Always in cases where your activity is detected in this software.

The aforementioned portal emphasizes that the original WhatsApp application should not be downloaded on your device, so that the APK can be downloaded without problems.