How to download Disney Plus on the console?

If you are one of those who want to have Disney Plus inside their Xbox One console, then here we will tell you how you can do it.

IF you want to have Disney Plus on your Xbox One, then here we will tell you the simple way in which you can manage to download the streaming application on your game console.

It is not a complicated process

To begin with, you have to be aware that the Disney Plus app is basically another app that we can see in those available for the Microsoft console, so downloading it should not present a major problem among those who have this console and have had it for many years.

To begin with, what we will have to To do is enter the Xbox store, that is, we must enter the Store within our console.

Once inside, within the main screen we can see that Disney Plus is already available, and you just have to select the section so that you are given the option to download Disney Plus for free.

Otherwise where you cannot find this option on the main screen of the Store, then what you should do is do the following.

Once you are inside the Store, you must move your cursor to the left, either with the directional pad or with the stick. With this A new menu will open where you will be presented with several options. It is there that we must select the Applications option.

When we enter, the first option that will be shown to us is that of Disney Plus, because thanks to the fact that everyone is looking for it, It is the most downloaded and therefore, what Microsoft recommends thanks to its popularity.

So we are really in front of something really simple that anyone can do at any time. You only have to keep in mind one important thing, and that is that although the app is free to download, This requires you to have a subscription so that it can work, which means that you must pay to see the content.