How to disable automatic updates on Steam?

As everyone knows, games, like the applications that we have installed on our devices, tend to update over time. This happens on almost any platform where we have this kind of software. Steam, among them. However, automatic updates can be somewhat annoying, so we want to show you how disable automatic updates in Steam.

And why would you want to disable them? The reasons are several, but there is one that is the main one. If the update contains some kind of error, it could cause you a loss of all the progress made. Therefore, it is preferable to wait a few days after the new version of the title has been released before installing it manually.

On the other hand, you can’t spend too much time avoiding updates either. Usually, these adding new functions, new maps, and can even correct the errors that we have talked about before. Therefore, they are very necessary but it is not necessary to install them immediately, but it is best to wait about a week.

Now, by default, Steam not only updates itself but also updates all the games that are installed. You may not have noticed, because this process takes place in the background. Therefore, you will only be aware of what happens when you search for the information on your own.

Disable automatic updates Steam 1.5Disable automatic updates Steam 1.5

Automatic game updates on Steam

Automatic updates are generally a good thing for games. But many of us know cases of games that are updated every week or worse, that have some failed updates from time to time. It is just in these situations that you should disable automatic updates on Steam.

Disable automatic updates on Steam step by step

Indeed, you will notice that there is no option to disable updates for a game on Steam as such. To reach the same result, that is, prevent the game from updating, what you need to do is change when it updates and pause updates before they are downloaded and installed.

For that, follow these steps:

Open the Steam app Go to the Library Right click on the game and go to Properties Once in that menu, go to Updates Search for Automatic Updates Choose Update this game only when I start it Close that particular game Go back to Steam Go to Settings Then to the Downloads tab Under Download Restrictions , indicates a limited period of time in which your computer is usually turned off Finally, enable the option “Limit bandwidth to …” and choose a low limit Click OK for the changes to take effect

Disable automatic updates Steam 2Disable automatic updates Steam 2

Updates, now much less likely

With all the changes you have made, it will be much more difficult for Steam to automatically update your games. You will have little time, you will have limited bandwidth and, all this, if your computer is turned on. This way, you are less likely to run into some annoying failed update.

Now, you have to keep in mind that this trick also has some side effects that could be undesirable. For example, the download settings will apply to all games, which means that the games you want to keep up to date will also be affected. In any case, the decision is up to you.


As we’ve already mentioned above, Steam has to keep games up to date for a number of reasons. The main ones have to do with correcting certain errors and even security vulnerabilities. And then there are the contents that can be added to the games with each new version. However, despite what it may seem at first, you have something to say about it, and you can customize the updates. You will never get to avoid them 100%, but you can get rid of a good percentage of them.

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