As we always say, smartphones today are much more than just mobile phones with which to phone or send text messages. They are somewhat similar to small computers where many users store private information, documents, bank details and much more.

Hence, for hackers and other cybercriminals, these devices have become quite desired. With their actions they not only get our own information, but possibly that of all our contacts. That is why it is so necessary that we take the privacy and security of our mobile devices very seriously, not only buying those brands with good support and update policy, but also being very careful with the apps that we install on our smartphone.

How to detect a malicious app without having to download it

One of the easiest ways for hackers to hack or infect our mobile terminal is through fraudulent applications. Only in the Play Store there are millions of apps, all without having those tools that we can download via the internet with the installation of the so-called APKs. And since Android users love to try new apps, the risk of installing a malicious app on our mobile phone is quite real.

So how can I detect if an app is malicious without installing it? Unfortunately there is no magic trick that tells us if an application contains malware or similar, but we will have to not only be very cautious, but also use common sense.

First of all always download apps from trusted places like Google Play Store. Okay, the Big G app store is not the safest place in the world, and there are more than a few bug apps that manage to overcome the security and privacy barriers of the Mountain View company, but generally install an app. From the Play Store it is much safer than doing it directly from the Internet or from any other place of dubious origin.

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Secondly, it is very important to carefully observe the app that we are going to download. What do we mean? If we are looking for a flashlight app and it asks us for permissions, permissions to access our contacts and messages, we should be suspicious. Checking the permissions of all the apps that we are going to install on our device is essential since here we see whether or not the developer has some other dark intention.

Thirdly, it is important even if it doesn’t seem so, check the app release date and developer name. Why? It is not the first time that an app can have bot comments and downloads to give the impression of being a real application. If an app has many downloads, you have not heard it in any medium and it was published a short time ago … be suspicious. Regarding the name of the developer, it is good to know if you have created more apps or not. If you are not a developer with a lot of curriculum behind you either… be suspicious again.

In short, to know if an app is fraudulent or not, it is best to follow these tips: just download from the Google app store itself, check the permissions and the privacy policy before the app and finally, take a look at it to the number of downloads, comments and the developer. As we have previously said there is no magic trick, but we should be the ones with a little common sense, let’s investigate before install like crazy.

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