How to delete the data stored on your mobile from a specific website in Google Chrome

When we want delete browsing data in Chrome We can opt for the simplest option, that of eliminating everything that the browser has registered since its origins, or since the last cleaning. But sometimes this can be the equivalent of killing flies with gunshots, and we may want to use a more surgical method.

So we are going to explain how to do this but for a single website, or for several. You want to delete what your browser has saved from a certain website on your phone and Chrome offers you the possibility to do it from your mobile phone. And the process is much simpler than it seems.

Deleting the data of a specific website in Chrome

As we say, the process of eliminating this data stored on our mobile phone is simpler than it seems. We just have to be clear, logically, which website we want to delete from the storage of our mobile phone. It should be mentioned that this will not erase the web from the history nor will the passwords that we can have saved.

It will only affect temporary files that have been downloaded to « remind us » the next time or to make the loading process faster on the next visit. We repeat, to eliminate the saved passwords or the history web, we will have to go to different procedures. Let’s go there.

We open Chrome and go to the three vertical points in the upper right to display the options. Once with the options displayed, click on ‘Setting’. We are already in the Chrome options and now we will only have to go down until we find ‘Website Configuration  ». We will click on this option to enter.

As we will see, there we find options such as what to do with cookies, with the location of the phone when the websites ask for it or with the camera. Different permissions that we can modify, but the section that interests us is below. Specifically, we will search and open ‘Stored data ‘ to access a list of the websites that we have visited since the last deletion (if any) and how much data each one has downloaded.

At the top we have a search engine in case we don’t want to scroll. We look for the web that we want to delete and click on the search result. Once inside, we will only have to press the button ‘Delete and reset ‘ so that all temporary files of said website are deleted from our mobile phone. Now that we know the process, we can repeat it with all the websites that we want to remove from the internal memory and thus free up space, or any other reason that has led us to do so.


How to delete the data stored on your mobile from a specific website in Google Chrome