How to delete all spam Very easy!

It is quite normal that over time our “Spam” folder has more and more emails that we have not requested. That is why it is so important that you know how to remove all spam and we are going to teach you quite quickly, but above all the simple things to solve this problem.

What messages do we need to delete and which ones to keep?

Obviously we are not going to go through one by one, nor are we going to read the spam list. We are going to try to do it quite simply and above all quickly in order to save time and filter all the emails that are junk.

Delete all spam in Gmail and Outlook

Although the most widely used emails are Gmail and Outlook, this example can be used for absolutely all email clients available today.

What is it based on? Basically in looking for words or phrases that spam emails generally have. How? In several emails we have words like “Activate”, “Verify”, “Unsubscribe”, “Password recovery”, “Account registration”, “Alert”, etc.

If you start looking for emails through these phrases, you may find a huge number of messages that are spam and that you do not want to have in your spam folder taking up space.

Obviously, we must have some caution and depending on the word you use to search the emails, it may be that some other important message appears in the middle of the spam.

Another option if we have too many emails from the same company or website, is to simply search by domain or email address and that’s it. Basically the search engine can become your best friend when we want to eliminate a large number of spam messages.

Obviously it is not a fast and optimal way to delete all spam messages. Unfortunately for now there is no way to achieve it. Legitimate emails can always be filtered in the spam folder so we must be very careful. Another thing we can do is block emails to prevent such messages from arriving.

We hope it was clear to you how to remove all spam emails. Obviously if you have any questions or know a better method, you can leave it in the comment box.

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