How to delete a user account on PS5

It is not complicated at all delete a user account on PS5. Today we are going to see not only how to delete the user profile on PS5, we are also going to see how to permanently delete the PlayStation account.

Our beloved PS5 has a wide variety of essential titles and games that keep us hours after hours in front of the console. On many occasions when we share it with friends, brothers, etc. We have several accounts configured in it. But how can I delete an account from PS5? In case someone no longer wants to use the console, the ideal is to delete said account and we will show you how to do it step by step a little below.

How to delete a PS5 account

From the main screen, we are going to have to look for the settings icon, “Settings” that is in the upper right corner of the screen. A new menu opens where we will have to look for the option “Users and accounts”.

How to delete a PS5 accountHow to delete a PS5 account

Now in the list, we will have to click on “Users” option that is at the bottom of it. To delete an account, we will have to click on the trash can icon next to each user account.

Delete all PS5 user accountsDelete all PS5 user accounts

Then we simply confirm it and the account will be deleted. What you should keep in mind is that all the saved data, screenshots, videos, account details, etc. Everything is completely removed from the system.

If we want to delete the main account from the device, doing so will reset the PS5 system. Once you are sure which account you are going to delete, simply click “OK” and you’re done. In this way we managed to delete the PS5 user account.

How to delete a PlayStation account

In case you want delete a PlayStation account from Sony’s servers, forever. So the process is slightly more complex. We previously saw how to delete the account from the PS5, but this does not mean that the account itself ceases to exist, it still does so on Sony’s servers, so we can use it whenever we want.

However, we can eliminate it permanently. How? We are simply going to have to visit the official Sony site. Then we will have to click on “Account and security”. Now we will have to look for the option to “Manage account and ID online.”

Click on “Live Chat” and explain that you want to close your account, Sony’s customer service will request different information related to the account that you will have to provide.

You must bear in mind that permanently deleting your account means that you will not be able to re-enter it in any way. Once deleted, there is no way to access or recover it. The only alternative is to create a new account, so you should be pretty sure about deleting a user account on PS5.

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