A YouTube playlist It is the best way to enjoy our favorite music without having to listen to other topics that do not interest us in between. Of course, to achieve this user experience, we first have to take the trouble to create it. And after administering it. Therefore, in the following lines, we are going to show you the different options you have in these cases, and how you can take advantage of them.

The first thing you have to keep in mind in this regard is that you can group the videos you want and, later, share that playlist for others to use, etc.

Also, most of YouTube content can be added to a playlist, but you should consider some exceptions. For example, videos intended for children cannot be added to playlists. This is because they are covered by the COPPA regulations of the United States, which try to protect the little ones from falling into content for which they are not prepared.

Having made these clarifications, we are going to see how to create and manage a playlist on YouTube.

YouTube playlist 1.5

Create a playlist on YouTube

We will start, of course, with how to create a new YouTube playlist. You will see that it is possible to do it both from the service’s website and from one of its mobile applications, so let’s see the steps.

From the YouTube website

To create a new playlist from the YouTube website, proceed as follows:

Find the first video you want in your playlist There, below it you will see different options, but you must click the Save button When you do, you will see that you can choose to save it in Watch later, in a playlist or in a new playlist. Obviously, we are interested in the last possibility When you enter “Create a new playlist” you will have taken the first step You can choose a name, and even add a brief description, up to 150 characters You can also determine the level of privacy of your new list: public, unlisted or private When you are satisfied, click on Create At that moment, the first video will be added immediately to the playlist You can add all the ones you want by saving them and choosing this already created playlist

It’s that easy to start with a YouTube playlist even if you’ve never done it before.

From iOS or Android

Creating a playlist is a similar process in YouTube apps for smartphones. It does not matter if we are talking about an iPhone or Android, or an Apple iPad. Always follow this tutorial:

Look for the first video you want in your playlist. There, below it you will see different options, but you must click on the Save button. You will see that, below everything, a different option appears, that of «Change». Click on it, since from here you can edit the location to save the video in a new playlist Click on «New playlist»

From the Library section of your YouTube mobile app, you can set a name, a level of privacy, and even new videos to be part of this playlist

YouTube Playlist 1.75YouTube Playlist 1.75

Add or remove videos from a YouTube playlist

If you have a YouTube playlist available, you will always have the chance to add or delete videos at any time you see fit. The steps you must follow are the following.

From the YouTube website

When you click “Save” below a YouTube video, you will see several options, as we have discussed. One of them is useful for adding new videos to an existing playlist.

Even from the Watch later list you can add some videos to your playlist without any hassle.

To delete a video, you must go to the Library and remove it from the list. You can even remove several at the same time.

From iOS or Android

The exact same thing happens when we think of the iOS and Android operating systems.

Whenever you are watching a video and you click Save, you can add it to that playlist.

To delete a video, you must go to the Library and remove it from the list. You can even remove several at the same time.

Now, if you think this might take too long, probably some YouTube keyboard shortcuts and tricks might be helpful. With them you will be able to save several seconds in several of these actions.

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