How to create a guest network: share your Wi-Fi

In this article we are going to explain why it is important create a guest networkEspecially now that we have Christmas just around the corner, and we will see step by step how you can create such a network. I remind you that, in addition to creating a guest network, we can also use it to fine-tune our Wi-Fi following the advice in this article.

Before getting into the matter, let’s see what exactly a guest network is: it is about an extension of our Wi-Fi connection that is established as a secondary wireless networka, and that you can work completely independently. This is very important as it means that that guest network:

It is not linked to our main Wi-Fi network. He works independently and has his own resources assigned. It has a separate network name and password. It may have different settings than our main network.

For example, we can create a guest network that has the visible network name and a slightly simpler password to facilitate access to our visits, while our main Wi-Fi network can have totally different settings (hidden network name and a more complex and secure password).

When creating a guest network, we can configure a number of different patterns and select different settings that will help us customize and adjust it to offer a good user experience to our guests, without compromising the performance or security of the main network that we use.

All those settings can be configured through the menu of our router, so options will depend on each model. For example, in a FRITZ! Box 7490, we can select options as interesting as these in a very simple way:

Set time limitations, such as creating a guest network with access blocked in the morning. We can also prevent access to certain web pages by creating a black list. We can modify this list at any time. We can limit the bandwidth available to the guest network, so that the impact of this on the performance of our main network will end up being minimal.

How to create a guest network

How to create a guest network

Now that we have a clear foundation we are ready to go in and see the steps we must take to create a guest network. It is a fairly simple process, but if you have any questions you can leave it in the comments and we will help you solve it.

Keep in mind that the process may vary slightly depending on the router you use, but in any case should not go beyond the basics that we are going to see next.

We enter the interface of our router. To do this, we go to our web browser and enter “Http://”.
We access with our username and password, and look for the option “create guest network.” It is usually found in the section on advanced settings WLAN (Wi-Fi). If we cannot find it, we must look for options such as “access point” or “guest network” in case we find an interface in English. Once we have found the corresponding option we have almost all the work done, we only have choose the name and password that we want to use and voila, we can create a network for guests. Note that not all routers offer the same customization options for a guest network, but you can change them at any time without the need to re-create such a network.

If we want to delete a network for guests it is very easy, we just have to re-enter the settings of our router and delete it.

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