WhatsApp stickers have been with us for a while. Being a more popular application than Telegram, not a few people have chosen to create their own sticker packages for WhatsApp. These, for the most part, cannot be easily used on Telegram, unless you know how to do it.

The WhatsApp and Telegram stickers have file size and format in common, so they can be used interchangeably. So, let’s see how to export WhatsApp stickers to not only use them in Telegram, but to create our own package. You will see that it is very simple.

How to use WhatsApp stickers on Telegram

As we said before, both WhatsApp and Telegram use the same format (.webp) and dimensions (512 x 512 pixels), so the stickers are compatible on both platforms. So, we have several options and their use will depend on whether we use Android or iOS. The « universal solution » (valid for Android and iOS) is the following:

On a computer, go to WhatsApp Web.
Choose the sticker you want to send by Telegram and right click on it.
Choose « Save image as … » and save the file to your PC.
Now go to the web version of Telegram and send the file to your personal cloud.
Being .webp it will be sent as a sticker. Now simply forward it to your contacts.

If you use Android it’s even easier

If you have Android, you can do it even more easily. The stickers that you have sent and received by WhatsApp are stored in internal memory from mobile, so you can easily access them using a file explorer. The route is as follows:

Open any file manager.
Go to WhatsApp> Media> WhatsApp Stickers.
There you will see all the stickers that you have sent or received throughout all this time.
Find the one you want to use on Telegram. If there are many files and you cannot find it, delete them all, create a chat with yourself on WhatsApp and send it to yourself.
Click on it, go to « Share », select « Telegram » and send it to your personal cloud.

Again, being .webp, it will be sent as a sticker to your conversations and group chats. The advantage of this system is that you can send several in one go. But we can improve it. We can export all the stickers from a WhatsApp package and create our own sticker package in Telegram.

Create your own package on Telegram

To do this, the simplest solution is to go to WhatsApp> Media> WhatsApp Stickers and delete all the content. Then create a chat with yourself on WhatsApp and send yourself all the stickers you want to put in the Telegram package. This way they will be saved in the internal memory of the mobile. Transfer all those files to the computer using a tool like Drive, Dropbox or connecting the mobile with the USB cable.

It is a somewhat slower process, but it will allow you to import as many stickers as you want in one go and create a package

The Telegram bot to create sticker packages does not support .webp files, it requires that they be in PNG format (something a bit absurd because then it converts them to .webp again). Be that as it may, use a file converter and select .PNG as the output format. CloudConvert allows you to upload files in batches, thus making the process more bearable. When you have the files in PNG, follow these steps:

Open web.telegram.org and log in with your mobile.
Add the @stickers bot.
Type « / newpack » (without the quotes).
Give your sticker pack a name.
Send him the PNG file you generated earlier.
Select an emoji to link.
Repeat the process with all the images.
Publish the package.
The bot will generate a URL with the link to the newly created package, so click on it and add it to Telegram. Easy and simple.


How to convert WhatsApp stickers into Telegram stickers