We often find ourselves having to convert files JPG to PDF. In general, in addition, we must do it quickly, since we talk about deliveries related to study or work. The thing is that PDF documents are much easier to share, they are more secure, they look better, and we can even edit a PDF whenever we want, through different programs.

For this reason, we want to show you then what are the options you have to transform a JPG file into another of PDF type. And in addition to explaining how you can carry out this task through online solutions, you should know that there is also a simpler alternative. In other words, you won’t even need an Internet connection to achieve your goal.

Indeed, Microsoft Word is the only tool we need for this procedure. And since it is a software that is included in most computers, and almost all of us have it, it is the simplest way out for this type of need. Let’s see then what are the steps to follow.

JPG to PDF 2

JPG to PDF in Word

Once you have your JPG file and have an official version of Word, it works like this:

Open Word on your computerInsert the image file from the Insert menuClick on the File menu, and select Save asA dialog box will appear, in which you can put a name to the new fileIn format, you have to select PDF

And how to do it online?

As we said, in addition to the aforementioned alternative, we know that some users do not have a licensed Office. That can make things difficult. In that case, we are going to advise you to directly convert the JPG to PDF over the Internet.

There are numerous platforms available, which we can find just by typing “JPG to PDF” in Google. Practically all of them are recommended, although we are going to recommend that you pay attention to the first one, iLovePDF. It is one of the ones that works best, and is most intuitive.

Just drag the original file, in this case a JPG, and set PDF as the output format. The process will take just a few seconds, and then you can download the PDF document whenever you want.

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