How to configure the side button of the iPhone so that it does not invoke Siri

For a few generations, the side button of the iPhone invokes Siri. This is a relatively quick way to invoke the voice assistant, but sometimes we can accidentally leave the button pressed or we just might not want this to be the case. IPhones have for years allowed Siri to be invoked with the voice with the famous ‘Hey Siri’, so having this invocation in duplicate may not be the best.

We will teach you how to unlink Siri from iPhone side button. It is a simple process, but it is not within the Siri settings, nor is access to the path of these settings the simplest.

How to unlink Siri from the iPhone side button

By default, if we press and hold the side button of our iPhone, Siri is invoked. As of iOS 14 this is no longer so annoying, since Siri only occupies a small portion of the screen, but if we want to invoke Siri only with the voice, we can configure the button to do nothing. We simply have to follow these steps:

Open the iPhone settings
Go to Accessibility
Side button
Press and hold to speak

Ready. If we set this setting to « off », when we press the side button for a long time, it will do nothing. This is important to keep in mind since, even if we get Siri out of the way, We will not be able to turn off the iPhone leaving the side button pressed, but it will be necessary to do the classic configuration of always.

From this section, incidentally, we can also configure button press speed. This refers to when we double or triple press. We can make it slower to avoid accidental double presses.


How to configure the side button of the iPhone so that it does not invoke Siri