How to configure a secure DNS provider in Microsoft Edge?

If we take a look at the best Chromium-based browsers, we can quickly realize that Edge is among them. The new browser from the Microsoft people has innumerable advantages over the old Internet Explorer. And although it has focused especially on improving browsing speed and customization possibilities, that does not mean that it has neglected aspects such as security and privacy. Therefore, we want to teach you set up a secure DNS provider in Edge.

As we said, Edge has features that allow users to keep the sites they visit private, as well as each one of the actions they perform through this program. In any case, it is possible to configure certain elements of our user experience, such as a secure and alternative DNS provider.

DNS Provider Edge 2DNS Provider Edge 2

Change Secure DNS Provider in Edge

To visit a website hosted on the Internet, browsers usually look for a web address that is not the one we know, but one such as “”. Then, it is disguised under a name that refers to the site and by which it is known, such as

A secure DNS is in charge of carrying out this operation through an HTTPS-type connection, with the advantage that it checks the connection in search of modifications made by strangers or eavesdropping generated by network attackers. By default, Edge uses your current DNS service provider to avoid failures. But all users have the possibility to establish their own if we wish, and that is precisely what you will know.

Set up a secure DNS provider on Edge

Go to Edge Settings Go to Privacy, Search and Services Scroll down to the Security section Set the alternative secure DNS provider that interests you

With those few steps you will have finished the essential part of this procedure. Always keep in mind that these DNS protocols encrypt data and improve overall security and privacy.

Some of the options that you can choose from, and that are available by default in Edge, have to do with CleanBrowsing, Google, Cloudflare or Quad9. As soon as you select any, the Secure DNS feature will be enabled in Edge. If necessary, you can also switch to a custom service provider.

All you have to do, in such cases, is copy and paste the DNS server address in the empty field.

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