It is normal for you to be afraid when cleaning the TV screen. monitor or laptop, but don’t worry. We have a series of tips and tricks for you to leave your computer monitor bright and without traces of fingerprints, dust or splashes.

The amount of dirt that accumulates on the laptop or TV screen seems incredible, right? It does not matter if you try not to touch it with your fingers or that you keep it away from food and drink, because it ends up becoming irreparably dirty. But do not panic: if you know how to do it, there will be no stain that can resist you and your computer or television will not be in danger.

How to clean dust from the screen

If the screen of your laptop is only stained with dust or has superficial dirt, it is best to use a microfiber cloth like the one commonly used to clean glasses and other delicate surfaces. In Amazon you can buy a pack of 24 units for less than 15 euros. To avoid possible scratches, it is better that you do not use paper tissues, and although you can use other types of fabrics make sure they do not leave traces.

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The cleaning process is very simple: turn off your computer or TV completely and wipe the cloth gently in one direction. Do not rub hard and do not make circular movements not to leave marks or spread dust.

How to clean fingerprints and other stains

In case your screen has fingerprints, dirt or common stains, you can resort to screen cleaning wipes. These products can be found at very affordable prices and are specially formulated to avoid damaging the surface of the delicate screen of your laptop or brand new television. Additionally, many of these wipes also have anti-static properties to prevent dust build-up.

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On the other hand, there are also screen cleaning sprays with characteristics similar to wipes that you can use to clean the screens with a cloth. Of course, the trick is not to apply the product directly on the screen: first spray it on the cloth and then clean the surface.

Another alternative to clean the screen of your laptop or television consists of use a sponge slightly moistened with distilled or deionized water, taking care that no dripping occurs that could damage the equipment. And do not forget to always turn off the computer before cleaning the screen.