How to Clean Switches and Sockets: Tips for Removing Dirt and Germs | Life

If the switches and sockets in your house need cleaning, we tell you the best tricks to remove dirt and germs easily and with little effort.

Do you pay enough attention to the cleanliness of the switches and sockets? They are among the objects in our home that we touch most frequently, which is why they accumulate many germs and dirt.

But despite this, many people forget to include them in their cleaning routines and do not give them a pass until they are quite dirty. This is a mistake that can put your health and that of your family at risk, as these surfaces can contain dangerous microbes.

Experts recommend cleaning them at least once a weekespecially during cold and flu season, when a family member is sick, or when visitors come home.

When cleaning switches and sockets, care must be taken, especially in the case of sockets. If the humidity seeps where it shouldn’t, you can get a good scare, so the best thing you can do is turn off the house light for a few moments.

Then we leave you the best tricks to clean the switches and sockets at home to remove germs and dirt:

Use a disinfectant cleaning product. You can use a commercial disinfectant product or make a homemade solution based on white vinegar, rubbing alcohol, and hydrogen peroxide. Do not apply it directly, use a cloth or other element to apply it without excess moisture. Choose the right cloth. Microfiber cloths are best for removing dirt and germs. Use one that is very clean. If you wish, you can do it dry, since the microfiber disinfects naturally. Clean with a disinfectant wipe. Another alternative is to use a disinfectant wipe, which is also an effective solution for cleaning dirt and disinfecting. Pass a cotton swab to clean the cracks. There are less accessible areas that are difficult to reach. In these areas you can pass a cotton swab slightly moistened with a disinfectant product to eliminate all microbes.

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