With this coronavirus and home confinement, surely you are using your headphones much more than before. Whether it is to listen more peacefully to music, podcasts such as Connecting, YouTube videos, video games or simply not to disturb the rest of your family or neighbor.

As you already know, headphones are of many types and prices. Wired, wireless, cheap, expensive … but regardless of all this, they all deserve the same care, especially now that we can not go out to buy new ones. For this reason, just as we have learned to clean and disinfect our mobile phones and other technological devices such as tablets, it’s time to know how wireless headphones are cleaned and disinfected.

How to clean and disinfect our wireless headphones

Although there are still fierce advocates for wired headsets, we cannot deny that wireless devices have gained popularity in recent years, especially after the arrival of Apple’s AirPods. Although the benefits of this type of accessories are not few, we are not going to deceive ourselves, as a general rule they are not cheap products, hence the need to know how to clean and disinfect wireless headphones … without breaking them in the process.

As indicated in the Business Insider digital media, the first thing to do is remove the ear cushions from the headphones. Some models like the original AirPods do not have but others do, such as the Samsung Galaxy Buds, whose complete analysis you can see below. Once this is done we just have to clean them with a little alcohol and water. Then, with a clean and dry cloth, clean the headphones and use a toothbrush to remove any dirt that is caught in them.

In the case of the charging base, the most appropriate thing is to use an ear stick. Thanks to this, we can access any corner of the box, now we must be careful especially when we touch the charging pins. When the earbuds are dry, replace them on the headphones.

As we can see, we have only used alcohol on the pads and we have avoided using any type of liquid in the rest of the device to avoid damaging them. But what if my headphones don’t have ear pads? How do I disinfect them? Our advice is to clean only headphones with a slightly damp alcohol cloth –Almost dry– and only the headphones, not the charging base. Of course all this with great care.

Cleaning a wireless headset is still something similar to cleaning a mobile phone, so the tips applicable to one can be applied to the other product. Of course do not use bleach to clean, do not immerse the headphones in the cleaning product, be careful with the charging pins and above all, check the manufacturer’s website and follow the cleaning tips for the specific product. There are many things that we do wrong when cleaning a technological product, so we must learn to do it well.

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