Wearing mask covers when exercising in a public space can backfire if you don’t choose the right accessory

Before the arrival of the “new normal”After the health emergency caused by the COVID-19, people will have to adopt special measures on his return to public spaces, especially in the Sports field.

The use of mask covers is one of the recommended measures by health authorities and experts around the world as a additional protection, especially functional in closed spaces.

Localities that have relaxed their containment measures recommend take extreme precautions especially in places intended for sports.

Is it advisable to use a mask when exercising?

On using mouth masks for running and exercising, the doctor Armando Martinez commented to the media ACE that said accessory hinders the “normal” oxygenation of people.

In an interview, the expert explained that masks limit the Air passage the respiratory system, so its use will affect the performance on the sport.

He noted that people can go for a run no risk of contagion as long as do solo and avoid spitting or blowing your nose during activity.

However, in closed spaces such as gyms, the use of face masks is necessary, especially if there are other people in the same place.

A cotton mouthpiece, Martinez pointed out, could be annoying for athletes because it would be soaked with sweat, so it is better to look for alternatives made with microfibers.

How to choose a mouthpiece to exercise?

Sports brands, before the return of people to sports, have developed various models of mouth masks designed for performing routines in gyms or outdoors.

To properly choose a mouthpiece for physical activity, it is recommended to take into account the following factors:

The accessory must be adjusted to the face and be comfortable. It is necessary to pay attention to the materials from which it is made. It is necessary to verify that the mouthpiece includes real protection filters.

When using sports mouth guards, it is necessary to put it on correctly and avoid exposing the nose or mouth. After use, the accessory must be washed and allowed to dry for the following uses.

With information from AS and Forbes