Verify all the information that reaches you by WhatsApp and social networks with the phone numbers of recognized verification services: You will have a safe and simple way to know if a hoax or real news has reached you. We offer you the numbers divided by country, so you can add them to your WhatsApp and contact them directly from there.

WhatsApp is such a widespread messaging application that it is customary to use not only for communication, but also to spread all kinds of hoaxes. And they can be a big problem, especially when the information they promote becomes a health risk. The pity is that we can’t stop them from reaching us, at least as long as we don’t block most of our contacts; As much as it is possible to contrast the messages, all directly from WhatsApp: the company has shared a list of phone numbers for verification.

Verify the information directly from your WhatsApp

The messaging platform has placed special emphasis on trying to stop the hoaxes from spreading virally. Precisely, WhatsApp today introduced the limit of forwarding to a conversation, a way to hinder the massive forwarding of disinformation. In addition, the company has facilitated access to verified information about the coronavirus thanks to the collaboration with the world health organization. And it reinforces its support for verification agencies by recommending different phone numbers with which to check the news.

It is usual for us to receive messages with false news, the so-called hoaxes. They can be innocent, like a simple joke that aspires to go viral; there is also a possibility that they will seek disinformation, campaigns with anonymous senders interested in polarizing citizens; There are even hoaxes that directly attack the integrity of people: a message forwarded in a massive way can do a lot of damage. Because, we must ensure that the information is real before sharing messages. Like forwarding them to verification organizations to find out whether or not they are real.

WhatsApp has shared the following list of authorized phones for message and news verification:

To use the following list, just click on the link for the number corresponding to your country: a WhatsApp conversation will open no need to add the number to your phonebook. Once in the conversation, attach the information you want to contrast: the verification entity should respond to you to deny or confirm the data. In addition, with each possible hoax you share, organizations will have more verification capabilities; which will result in much more concise and truthful information.

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