How to change your Afore from your cell phone?

From today workers with an Afore account They will be able to change the administrator through the AforeMóvil app with the « Mobile Transfer », this without the need to have the transfer consent sheet and without the intervention of the Afores or promoters.

With the Mobile Transfer, the process of reorienting the most relevant procedures that until today required the presence of the saver and the intervention of a promoter agent, towards a remote and secure platform, affirmed the National Commission of the Retirement Savings System (Consar).

How to switch from Afore from the app?

Once you enter the AforeMóvil application, you must choose the Services icon.
Select the option « Change Afore ».
AforeMóvil will show you the data you must register for your Afore change.
Afterwards, it will ask you to take a photo of your face to confirm your identity.
In order to continue with the process, five types of indicators will be presented to help you decide in an objective and informed way the Afore that is best for you.
You can then choose the Afore of your choice and a comparison of the performance, commission and services of each. If you agree with this information, you must press « continue ». If you want to consult another Afore, you will only have to go back one step.
The user’s letter of rights and the contract of the chosen Afore will be displayed, which they will be accepting and signing with their password.

The Consar recalled that if the saver decides to cancel his transfer You will have four business days to do it from the same application.