Generally, a single setting is enough so that you don’t have to touch the Google Chromecast again. But What if you have to move it to another house or have you changed the WiFi network? Then you will have to change the network to the Chromecast, a simple process that involves configuring it again.

The Google Chromecast does not usually give problems when it is well configured with the home WiFi: it is enough to open the compatible applications from the mobile or computer so that, if these devices are connected to the same network, appears the icon of ‘cast’ with which to send any content to TV. Now, what if the WiFi you had your Chromecast connected to doesn’t work properly, do you want to switch to a different access point faster or simply take the Chromecast somewhere else? Changing the network defined in the configuration does not require more than two minutes. And the Google Home app.

You have to reset the Google Chromecast settings

Google Chromecast configured

Google hasn’t included a direct way to change WiFi to Chromecast., so the process must go through the configuration phase. It is not that it requires too many steps or is very complex, it is a bit cumbersome because, if you think you are constantly moving the device from home, you will have to configure it again every time you use it on a different television.

To change the WiFi network of Google Chromecast you need the Google Home application, the same app with which you configured the device at the beginning and also the same one that serves to send the screen of your mobile to the TV (in the case that you have an Android). If you no longer have it installed on the phone you must download it again.

Google Home

Once you have Google Home installed on your mobile, be it Android or iPhone, it’s time to start the process of changing WiFi to Chromecast.

Open the Google Home app and make sure the Google Chromecast is available.
Click on the Chromecast icon and then on the top gearwheel, the settings one.

Go to the ‘WiFi’ section and click on ‘Forget’. In this way the network stored in the device will be erased and it will prepare for a new configuration.
Go back to the Google Home app launch and tap the ‘+’ in the upper left.
Click on ‘Configure device’, then on ‘Configure new devices’.
Choose the house where you are going to start the Chromecast. It is not necessary to add a new one even if you are configuring the device in another address, especially if you will install it again later in your home.
Google Home will search for devices and find the Google Chromecast. Accept your settings.
Follow the process by checking the code on the television, choose the room, add the new WiFi to which it will connect and finish the steps: the Google Chromecast will already be configured with the new Wifi.

Steps to reconfigure Chromecast

As we said, the process is somewhat cumbersome since There is no direct way to change the WiFi network to Chromecast from Google Home, you always have to configure it again. However, it is a simple process that usually does not cost more than two minutes. Of course, in the event that you are constantly moving from home the Chromecast will surely compensate you more to buy a second device.


How to change the WiFi of Google Chromecast