All devices such as mobile phones, tablets, laptops, computers, televisions and many others, come with different languages ​​to adapt to the language of the person who purchased it. It is entirely possible to buy a Mac in your home country and put a language on it that is spoken on the other side of the world. Usually change language Applies for all Mac operating system.

As for the applications, this will depend on the developer of it. Sometimes multiple languages ​​may be available, but in other cases you may not have an option to change it.

So let’s see how to change the language of a Mac with this simple step-by-step tutorial. So that in this way you can have your MacOS in the language you want. The best of all? It’s just too easy.

Change the language in macOS

Then for add a new language to Mac It’s too easy. You will simply have to follow these steps:

The first thing we should do is open “System preferences“. Next, we are going to go to”Language and region setting groupWhat we will have to do here is to look for the button in the lower left corner with the plus sign. In this new panel we will have to search for the language we want to add. Once we find it, we must select it and then click on “AddWhen we have the language added, it will ask us which language we prefer. You will have to choose the one you want to have by default, now choose the language / keyboard If the language is fully supported, then it will be installed as the primary language of the computer and in this case it will be mandatory to restart the computer. In case the language is not fully supported, then it is not necessary to restart the Mac.

How to remove a language on Mac

In case you want remove a language on Mac, the steps to follow will be the following:

We are going to go to “System preferences“. Now we will have to go to”Language and region settings“. We are going to have to choose the language we want to uninstall. We press the button with the sign”lessHere we are going to have to confirm that we really want to remove the language.

If the language you removed was fully compatible, before removing it, you must have another main and fully compatible language installed.

As you can see, Mac has a wide variety of supported languages ​​that you can configure as the main ones in the operating system. However, many others are not and cannot be configured as primary.

In this sense, even Apple mobile devices have better language support. Even Windows is much better in this regard. Surely the apple company has a lot of work to do in this regard to improve MacOS.

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