If you don’t like the keyboard that comes standard on your Samsung, changing it will only take a couple of minutes.

We finally have our new Samsung device in our hands. It does not matter whether it is a top of the range like the Galaxy S20 or another cheaper one like the Galaxy A51. We turn it on, we finish configuring it and we realize one thing, we don’t like the keyboard that comes standard.

Luckily we are with Android and it is that if there is something Google’s operating system is characterized by is its enormous freedom. In the Play Store we have a multitude of keyboard applications, so changing one for the other is as simple as downloading and installing it on our smartphone. Our favorite? The Google keyboard although that already depends on each one of you.

How to change the keyboard on a Samsung phone

Changing a keyboard on a Samsung device will only cost us a couple of minutes as soon as we know where to go. The first thing we have to do is download the keyboard we want. There are many options, so it is up to you. Once this is done, we will do the following.

We enter the terminal settings
General Administration
Language and text input
On-screen keyboard
-Default keyboard

Once this is done we will only have to select our favorite keyboard, in this case Google’s own, one of the lightest, fastest and with best text prediction. In addition we can put images as a background in a really simple and easy way. Although as we say, there are many more options and that is what is good about Android, thousands of apps and a lot of freedom to customize our mobile device.

Samsung remains this 2020 as the firm that sells the most mobile phones in the world and although the coronavirus has decreased the number of sales, the South Korean firm is not doing really badly And all this although the Apple iPhone 11 reigns as the smartphone that has sold the most this year.

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