how to change the color of your screen

The desktop version of the messaging service Whatsapp, which enables communication via computer, has a new hidden functionality for modify the screen color.

While in cell phones the background screen can be modified with images and colors, in web version the only option is the WhatsApp default wallpaper. However, there are tricks to give a personalized and original aesthetic to your chats.

On the other hand, desktop version The messaging service does not have certain functionalities that are available in the mobile version. In WhatsApp Web cannot be:

Make video calls Make voice calls Create « Status » Send device location Set the screen in night mode Add filters to photos Add emojis, text or drawings to sent images Configure privacy and / or security settings Configure automatic download Add contact Create a broadcast message

How to change the screen of WhatsApp Web

WhatsApp Web allows you to modify the default wallpaper of your conversations by a solid color. To do it, I followed the steps:

1. Open WhatsApp Web

2. Go to the « Menu »

3. Click on « Configuration »

4. Click « Wallpaper » in the Configuration options

A variety of color options: light blue, blue, yellow, red, pink, lilac, black, white and more. In addition, you can choose between the option « Add WhatsApp Doodles » to keep the characteristic background drawings of WhatsApp and the plain background option.