Zoom has become one of the lifesaving applications during the days of confinement due to the coronavirus. Although the group video calling app was already known, this extraordinary situation has led thousands of users to use it to telework or just to keep in touch with loved ones.

Despite its dubious security-related practices, Zoom is one of the best options you can find right now to make group video calls, in fact, we already explained in depth how to use Zoom. In this article, we focus on one of its best features, that of change the background of a video call to give it the look you want: personal, fun, serious …

How to change the background of a Zoom video call

There are many Zoom tricks for both mobile and PC that you should know. One of them is the one that allows you to change the virtual background of a video call, an interesting option for when you are in a place that you do not want to show or simply to give your video calls a different look.

In order to use this function, you must first enable it through your account settings. Step by step, we explain how to do it.

1st- Enter the Zoom website and click “My account”, button located in the upper right corner.

2nd- In the options menu on the left, click “Setting”.

3º- In the options menu that appears under Meeting, click “At the meeting (Advanced)”.

4º- Find the option “Virtual Fund” and enable it by moving the button to the right.

Once the Virtual Background is activated from your account settings, you can replace the background of your video call with the image of your choice. To do it, you must have the desktop version of Zoom and follow the next steps:

1st- Open the desktop version of Zoom and click on the gear button, located in the upper right corner, below your profile picture.

2nd- The Settings window will open. In the options menu on the left, click Virtual background.

3º- As you can see, Zoom offers you 3 default backgrounds for your video calls. Click on one of them to see how your image would look in front of them. When selected, it will already be configured as a background for your next video calls.

4º- Finally, you can also add your own images to set as Zoom video call background. To do this, click on the + button that appears above the default backgrounds offered by the platform. By doing so, you can search among the folders on your computer and add the images you want.

Zoom will not prevent you from doing so, but you must take into account how they will look when you stand in front of them. Once added to the gallery, select them to be set as your background for video calls.

You should know that also you can change the virtual Zoom background during a video call. To do this, click on the up arrow that appears to the right of “Stop video”. A small menu of options will be displayed in which you must select “Change virtual background”. This way you will enter the “Virtual Background” menu and you will be able to change the image in the same way that we explained previously.

Gallery of backgrounds for your Zoom video calls

The default backgrounds Zoom offers you are fine for a one-off change, but you may want other images. For this, in addition to those that you can add from your computer, we we offer you a small gallery with very varied backgrounds that we have selected for you.

Go to New York, the Friends room or the beach during your Zoom video calls, You have the power to choose the background that the other contacts with whom you have the meeting will see.

With this selection we wanted to give you some possibilities, but also the idea that you can choose the background that you like the most, you have no limits in doing it. You can choose mythical places from series and movies, cities, other planets, or a professional background if it is a business meeting, the range of options is huge in Zoom.

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