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Unlike garments, fashion and any visual accessory, aromas are a record that according to experts, they are a trace that remains in people’s memory. Fragrance and perfume notes say a lot about a woman and the essence.

The best thing about a perfume is the scent notes that leave us feeling relaxed, fresh and can even be sweet. Fortunately, there is a wide variety of fragrances for all tastes. And as we well know, perfumes will never go out of style, so their care is very important.

How to care for perfumes and maintain fragrance as long as possible

Take your perfumes away from the light

According to experts, the sun’s rays chemically damage the liquid in our perfume, changing its aroma and even the appearance, transforming the liquid of our perfume into a liquid with an opaque and thick appearance, totally different from how we buy it.

Another tip, besides keeping your perfume away from the sun is to keep it in a cool, temperate room temperature. Try to place your perfume in a dry place and away from sunlight. Also, avoid storing your perfume in places where the liquid can evaporate.

Because if, if your perfume can evaporate even though they are sealed, due to high temperatures or humidity. If you live in a humid and high temperature area, you can store your perfume with a leather cover, as it is a moisture insulator or in a thick box to keep it in good condition.

How to care for perfumes and maintain fragrance as long as possible. Unsplash

 How to make the fragrance last longer?

Apply a little petroleum jelly to your wrists and to the area of ​​your skin that you want to apply the perfume, such as the neck or behind the ears. Petroleum jelly will seal the perfume by absorbing the aroma and at the same time your skin, especially if your skin is dry. Remember to wait to apply the petroleum jelly and wait a few minutes before applying the perfume.

It is worth mentioning that the duration of your perfume has to do with the quality of the perfume and your Ph level, so that the fragrance formulas are more likely to be compatible.

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