How to border images in Microsoft Word

Many times set borders to images in Microsoft Word it is very practical. Especially when we have images or photos with white backgrounds and we don’t want them to “get lost” within the text.

Luckily, we don’t need to edit the image before adding it to Word. The Microsoft suite has an extremely useful tool for adding and editing images. Above all, quite simple things so that we can put borders to images in Microsoft Word and it is much easier than you imagine.

A little further down we will explain step by step everything you need to know to add borders to your photos in Word.

How to add borders to images in Word

To add a border around an image, first we are going to open Word and add the image in question. Then we will have to click on that image. When we do, the “Image Format” tab will appear.

In the “Image Format” tab we will have to click on “Image Styles”. If we click on the arrow that is pointing down, we can expand the style gallery.

Border styles for photos and images in WordBorder styles for photos and images in Word

Now we can choose any kind of frame that we like. We simply click on that frame and it is automatically applied to the image.

add borders to my photos in Wordadd borders to my photos in Word

But what we are really interested in is putting borders to images in Microsoft Word. For this we are going to have to click on the image and then on the “Image Styles” group within the “Image Format” tab and click on “Image border”.

Here a drop-down menu appears where we will be able to select several different colors to apply to a frame. We can also choose the thickness of the border and the line style that it is going to have, these options are a little further down in this same window.

In case you want to eliminate the border that is around an image, we will click on said photo and then we will go to the “Image Format” tab and we will go to “Adjust”, then we will select “Reset image”.

In this simple way we are going to eliminate the borders that we apply to the image. So, as you can see, putting borders to images in Microsoft Word is extremely fast and in many cases it can be very practical.

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