How to avoid spam calls with Android “verified calls” | Technology

Know who is calling us to make sure that the call interests us or not, even avoid annoying calls that are repeated day in and day out without our refusal being of any use. This is how Google’s spam blocking works

Google long ago proposed to end annoying calls, those that only seek to sell us something or even scam us with some telephone hoax. For this, the internet giant has created the function of verified calls and spam blocking.

This new tool has been available for months in Spain and other Spanish-speaking countries such as Mexico. It is integrated into the Google Phone application with which many users make phone calls to their contacts.

Being an essential Google application, we find it pre-installed on a large number of Android phones, although it is possible that manufacturers such as Samsung or Xiaomi have installed their versions first. Therefore, the first thing we need to do is check that we have the Google Phone or Google Phone application installed and set it as the default to receive all calls through it.

With verified calls from Google you get more information about the person or company that is trying to contact us by phone. Instead of seeing a single phone number, we will know the name of the person or company, their logo, the reason for the call and a verification symbol. Enough to know if we are interested in answering or passing the call.

Similarly, it is possible to tell Google that we do not want to receive calls from certain numbers or to block calls that he considers spam to avoid that hassle. In any case, the call will continue to be registered in call history to confirm that it was not an important call and an error has occurred, although the tone or vibration will not jump and will not disturb us.

Those who have this application pre-installed may have the function also active by default, but it is better to be sure. So we are going to explain the process to you by which you can activate verified calls and block spam with Google.

As we have already said, we have to install the application if we do not already have it and activate it as default. The app itself suggests this process when you have downloaded it, even so, you can go to the Settings Android phone (regardless of make and model) enter Applications and search Google Phone. Come in and set as default.

Now you can exit Settings, open the application and click on the point menu in the upper right corner. Click on Settings and find the section Caller ID and spam. Here you have the two functions, you will see that by activating both you will be able to identify the origin of the call and filter possible spam calls.