When Google Maps began to incorporate its Street view, the whole world had the opportunity to move through other people’s or their own cities at street level and virtually. It was fun to see your own street and, over time, how it had changed.

Leaving aside the thousand and one curiosities derived from the photographs that Google vehicles took, something that attracted attention was that the people’s faces they were blurred. This is so for preserve your privacy. The same happens in certain locations such as military facilities or government buildings.

Your home or home may not have the same importance as the White House or the Pentagon, but you may not want to show where you live on Google Maps Street View. Either because you want to preserve your privacy or because at the time of taking the photograph, you appeared in it or you do not like how it looks.

The fact is that you yourself can ask him personally to Google the task of blurring your house so that in Street View it is blurred. We tell you what it is and what you have to do.

The Street View privacy policy

Since it started Street view, Google has taken into account the privacy of those who appear in the images. Hence, it has a very extensive page where it explains at length its privacy policy associated with Street View. You can consult it in any languageTo change it, you just have to go to the bottom of the page, in the lower right corner.

At the beginning of the document it shows a specific section entitled Blur. There it says verbatim “We have developed an innovative blur technology that applies to all faces and license plates that can be identified in the Street View images provided by Google ”.

And here is the key: “If you think it is necessary blur your face or license plate more, or if you want us to blur completely your house, car or body, send a request through the function Report a problem”.

That is, it will be enough to fill out a form to ask Google to blur your house or habitual residence. It is the same form used to notify Google of errors or problems that you find in Google maps.

Blur your house in Street View

You can access this form from your computer and also from Android, iPhone and iPad. From your computer, simply access Google maps, and in the upper left, click on the drop-down menu and then on Post comments. A new window will appear where you can choose what is the reason for your complaint, etc.

But the most direct way to blur your house is to open the window of Post comments if you are located directly on Google Maps where is your location or residence. Select the Street View option, focus on the image you want to blur and, at the bottom of the image, you will see the option Report a bug.

To ask Google to blur your home from Android, you must locate the image and click on the icon Mark shaped like a flag. Then you choose the problem in question and tap on Report.

On iPhone and iPad, after finding the image of your house to blur, you must touch on the More menu and then on Report a problem. You choose what problem it is and finally send the notification.

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