Mobile applications and games are like everything: better in moderation. If you have noticed that you spend too much time in an application or that a game is absorbing you more hours than you would like, the good news is that you can easily limit usage time both on Android and iOS, at least in the latest versions.

Both the latest iOS and Android versions include options to check and control mobile use, including the maximum time you can use one application per day. We will see how you can do it both on an iPhone or iPad and on an Android mobile phone with pure Android, Huawei EMUI or Samsung One UI.

Usage time on an iPhone or iPad

To limit the time of use on an iPhone or iPad, you must first go to the phone settings and enter the section Time of use. Here you will see the daily usage average and various statistics at the top. To set limits on apps, tap App usage limits.

Then comes the most important part. The system allows you to apply usage times to groups of applications by categories (for example, all social networks) or to specific applications. Select the applications you want to limit and in the next step, set how much daily time you want to set as maximum.

If you want to customize the limits, tap Customize days to be able to choose a different limit according to the day of the week. For example, you can limit social media to 1 hour on daily days and 2 hours on weekends.

Usage time on an Android mobile

In an Android mobile, the way to limit the use of applications will depend on the personalization layer that your mobile has and if it includes a control system similar or equivalent to Google’s digital Well-being.

In a mobile with pure Android and with Android 9 or higher, you can limit the applications from Digital well-being and parental control, accessible from the terminal settings. You must enter the Control Panel section.

Here you can see the usage time of each application, just below its name, and with some additional statistics. To limit the use of an app, tap the hourglass icon next to your name and then choose how much maximum time can be used per day.

The settings in this case only allow you to choose a daily limit and you cannot set, at least for now, different settings for different days. The limit is reset every day at midnight, when the account returns to zero in all limited applications.

On Huawei phones

Huawei and Honor mobiles do not include Google Digital Wellbeing, but their own version under the name Digital Balance and with very similar functions. To configure it you must go to the mobile settings and enter Digital Balance. Then tap on Application limits. If it is not already activated, you must first activate Time of use management.

You should then tap on the application whose use you want to limit and choose the maximum daily use time. You also have the option to check Always allow (i.e. no limit) or Never allow, which is the same as setting the limit to zero minutes.

On Samsung mobiles

Samsung phones do not include Google Digital Wellbeing either, but their own version under the name of Digital Health, although the functions are practically the same. You can access it from the terminal settings, entering Digital health and parental controls. Then touch Digital health.

You will then be able to see some statistics on the recent use of the mobile, although to make the limits you must enter Application timers. You will then see the list with all the installed applications, where you must use the dropdown to establish a maximum time of daily use.

The menu allows you to easily choose 15 minutes, 30 minutes or 1 hour, although you can use Personal to set any another hour and minute limit daily for a specific application or game, such as 17 minutes.