Facebook just released a new interface that in addition to a new design for web browsers includes a dark mode. If you have not tried it here, we will tell you how to activate it in your own profile.

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As it is a new function, Facebook promotes it on its home screen when you enter your profile. Surely you have seen this message in the top bar:

If you click “Try” then you will activate the new Facebook design. However, in case this message has not appeared, you can also enable the new Facebook from the options tab located in the upper right corner of the screen. Choose the option “Switch to the new version of Facebook.”

Once you have switched to the new Facebook interface, it will ask you what look you want to use, whether the classic white background or the dark mode. Choose wisely (although you can always change it from the settings):

Once you start browsing the new Facebook design for web browsers you will realize that it may be familiar to you. It is so because the new design for browsers is clearly taken from the interface that Facebook uses in its mobile application. Now the screen is divided into three main sections with more icons taken from the app that are intended to make navigation easier.

If you didn’t like the new Facebook, or if you just want more time to get used to it, you can still go back to the old site design. Just select the options and choose “Switch to the classic version of Facebook.” For now we can continue using this old interface, although the safest thing is that in a few months only the new one will be available.