how to activate self-destructing messages?

WhatsApp continues to constantly implement updates, especially each one has a new function. Now when sending messages you can select if you want them to be deleted in a few days.

This curious tool has the symbol of a clock that is reflected in the profile of your contacts, it is intended to send temporary messages and automatically delete them.

This app is constantly updated. Photo: Pixabay

How does it work?

In the event that a user does not enter WhatsApp after seven days of receiving a temporary message, it will automatically disappear and will only be displayed through notifications.

Also when a temporary message is answered, when it has been deleted it will be reflected as quoted.

Another thing you should know is that these messages will be found in the backup copies of the app and will disappear when you do a restore.

You can also forward the message to another chat with the tool disabled, since it will remain even if the original has been deleted.

How can you activate the temporary messages function?

Here we tell you the steps you must follow to be able to use this tool:

You have to update WhatsApp with its latest version that is available for iOS and Android. Enter the chat you want to activate the tool and click on the name. Then you have to select the option of temporary messages and then click on continue. You have to press the option Activated.

Just carry out this process and you will be able to use this interesting tool.

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