how to access credits in 48 installments

The My Moto program, which offers credits for the acquisition of nationally manufactured units, in 48 installments and at a discounted rate, began a new stage. in which the installments are no longer fixed but are under the French amortization system.

The credits granted by the Banco de la Nación are for the purchase of nationally manufactured motorcycles . They will be available from until the quota is exhausted, which in previous editions was 5,000 units.

The maximum amount to be financed per user is up to $ 200,000 , with a single term of 48 months, French amortization system, and it reaches all users, clients or non-clients of the entity. This amount does not include additional costs and expenses ancillary to the operation. This line of financing for motorcycles is a joint project between the BNA and the Ministry of Productive Development , which provided a bonus of 10 percentage points per year of the current interest rate.

Once the credit is pre-approved, the client will have seven days in a row to reserve the bike at the BNA Shop , a platform developed between the BNA and Nación Servicios, a company of the Banco Nación group.


How to request the Mi Moto loan


Line management starts through the Banco Nación website, where the client will be prequalified, then they can reserve the motorcycle through the link provided in the email, which will allow access to the BNA Store. After booking, you must formalize the loan application in person at the branch (Only those who have pre-approved credit attend).

Finally, the commercialization of the units will be carried out through the network of dealerships throughout the country that adhere to the program through the BNA Store. You can only purchase one vehicle per person.


Loan conditions


100% of the sale value of the vehicle will be financed (VAT included).
Patenting or other expenses that may exist will not be financed . Maximum Amount: Up to the sum of $ 200,000. Minimum: It will be the equivalent to the value of the cheapest product. Acquisition of motorcycles 0 km of National Manufacture marketed by concessionaires adhered to this operation Term and amortization: Only 48 months. Amortization in equal and consecutive monthly installments, calculated by the French system, without grace period.


My motorcycle: how much will be paid as a fee


Estimated value of the first installment for those who receive assets in the BNA


Estimated value of the first installment for those who do not charge in the BNA


Interest rate on the Mi Moto credit


For users who receive their assets in Banco Nación:



For those who do not collect their assets at Banco Nacion

« There will be a differential rate for those who collect their assets through the BNA, it will be 28.5%; while for the rest of the users it will be 37.5%. A motorcycle of $ 150,000 would pay an initial of $ 6,019, 30 in the case of a client who receives his assets in the BNA; for the rest of the clients, the initial fee amounts to $ 7,059.21, « said the bank.


What motorcycles can be purchased with credit


The 44 models available to qualify for the credit are from the Beta, TVS, Corven, Bajaj, Brava, Keller, Gilera, Honda, Mondial, Zanella, Kymco, Motomel, Benelli, Guerrero and Okinoi brands.


The 44 models available for Mi Moto program credit are:

Beta: Tempo


Corven: Power Base, Full Power, Mirage Base, Hunter RT, Triax150 R2, Triax150 R3, Expert 150 DOT

Bajaj: Boxer RT, Boxer AT, Rouser NS125

Brava: Base Altino 150, Base Nevada

Keller: Crono Classic 110, Stratus 150 base, Miracle 150

Gilera: crushes VSTD110, VC150 VS. Smash X 125, Full Smash

Sling: Wave 110 S

Mondial : LD110 MAX RT, LD110 MAX AD, MD 150

Kymco: Agility 125,

Motomel: Blitz base, Skua 150, S2 base

Benelli: TNT 15

Warrior: G110 full trip, G110 economy trip

Okinoi: OKN 110, OKN Roma 125,

Zanella: ZB 110 LT, ZB 110 RT, RX 150 Z6, RX 150 Z7, RX Z7 150 F, Sapucai 150, Ceccato 60 Collezione, Exclusive 150, Styler 150 RS, Patagonian Eagle 150 ST

Plans have discounted rates