COVID-19 or coronavirus has caused the majority of the world’s population to be unable to leave their homes. It is a deadly virus that has forced governments to enact states of alarm and confinement, hence the streets of the most important cities in the world are deserted today. Lifeless.

Surviving several weeks locked up at home is not easy. Despite having the internet, a multitude of movies and series to watch or tons of video games to play, not being able to go outside is not a pleasant thing. Furthermore, entertainment services such as YouTube or Netflix have been forced to reduce the quality of their content, all with the aim of not saturating the networks.

But do not panic because there are many more activities than being glued to the TV or computer screen all day. Reading, that great forgotten, is a clear example of this. Because there are few more pleasant experiences than enjoying a good book and for this reason, the Internet Archive, a digital library managed by a non-profit organization dedicated to preserving archives, capturing public Web sites, has just announced that its almost a million and a half books are available to everyone, totally free and without waiting.

Do not know what to do because of the coronavirus? How about reading any of these 1.4 million books for free?

National Emergency Library, is the new initiative of the Internet Archive for the duration of the coronavirus health emergency. From this link, we have access to almost 1.5 million books of all types and genres. The most important of this decision, besides being totally free, is that waiting lists are removed.

In other words, this library works like any other library. You are looking for a book and if it is available they give it to you to read. In case you are not there, you have to join a waiting list. The problem is that depending on the book and its popularity, this waiting list could be several weeks. Now as a consequence of the coronavirus there are no more waiting times so we can consult any book we want instantly.

Now, not everyone agrees with this digital library. Many people believe that what this organization does is steal since they scan books many times without permission from the authors And it is not the first time that they have received claims and demands from the Authors Guild, the world’s leading association of writers.

Be that as it may, the National Emergency Library is available to everyone, not just users in the United States. Furthermore, we also have books available in several languages ​​- there are about 19,000 in Spanish – just in case English chokes you. Said measure to suspend waiting lists will run until June 30, 2020 or until the end of the national emergency decreed by the United States government, whichever comes first.

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